Monday, October 10, 2011

What I did this summer

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I hope to be posting more often now that boating season is over for us. This year we decided to keep our boat at a marina on Lake Cumberlnd, Ky, we use to tow it down their (3 hr. drive) and only got to go a few times a year, but it was actually cheaper to leave it there and get more use out of our boat. So we went down every other week, except for Sept. we went every week and we were only home for 2 days out of a week. A lot of fun but it wore me out doing laundry, grocery shopping & preparing our food in 2 days. We have one more week long trip planned for my husbands business then more crafting time for me. Yeah!! Gotta get my Christmas cards finished. 
Here are a few pictures of what I have been doing all summer!

Our boat is the one at the end on the right, without a name.
Hanging out with some friends we met at our marina.

Here is my husband finally catching a big one (25") striper,
can you tell how happy he was. He tried all summer. Then he caught this in our
last 2 weeks of boating!

76 Falls
Here is the waterfall at the lake.

 Vultures in the trees

Vultures enjoying a dead fish on the bank.

Then there was the Poker Run with the High $$ go fast boats!
This was awesome, I want to take a ride in one some day!

And this is me in my favorite place! In my relaxation chair, 
 enjoying the peace & quiet & nature!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of me & what I do when I am not here in the summer.
Have a great week!!


  1. Wow...what beautiful pictures....what a summer you had!

  2. I am liking that relaxation chair! And your pics look awesome! Please go take a look at my blog I left you a gift on today's post!

  3. What a wonderful way to spend your summer! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures! Did you recently redo your blog? I really like it!--Pat N.


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